I have given over 150 international guest lectures and keynote addresses (in German and in English) in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, the Nederlands, Russia, Scotland, USA, UK. For a comprehensive guide, including my scholarly articles and essays in edited works, please see my CV. Here, though, is a list of my keynote and major public lectures.

7–10 August 2013

Invited Lecture ‘Silence, Absence and Ellipsis in Schubert-Berio Rendering for Orchestra’, Institute of Musical Research, London

3 May 2013

Invited Joint Lecture with Seóirse Bodley: ‘Tradition and Transformation: On Seóirse Bodley’s Goethe Settings’ to open the Conference Sonic Symbiosis: The Relationship between the Composer and Musicologist, National University of Ireland Maynooth

28 April 2013

Addresses by Lorraine and Seóirse Bodley, A Community of the Imagination: Seóirse Bodley’s Goethe Settings performed for the composer’s 80th birthday concert by Sylvia O’Brien (soprano), Owen Gilhooly (baritone), Imelda Drumm (mezzo soprano) and David Adams (piano), Hugh Lane Gallery

28 February 2013

Invited Lecture, ‘Schuberts Lehrjahre Settings’ in collaboration with the Mezzo-Soprano Alison Browner, Master Class, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin

17 November 2012

Keynote Address, ‘Schubert’s Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre Settings’ 25-Year Celebration of the Schubert Institute UK, Institute of Musical Research, London

16 November 2012

Invited Lecture, ‘Nachdenken über Goethes Freundschaft mit Felix Mendelssohn’, University of Heidelberg Distinguished Guest Lecture Series

22 October 2012

Paper Read, ‘Music of the Orphaned Self: Schubert’s Late Lehrjahre Settings’, International Conference, Schubert and Concepts of Late Style, NUI Maynooth

28 September 2012

Invited Lecture, ‘Wassermetaphorik und Wandermotive in Schubert’s Goethe Vertonungen, Internationaler Schubert-Kongress, Deutsche Schubert Gesellschaft, Duisberg, Germany

1 July 2012

Invited Lecture, ‘Melodrama and the Representation of Reality: Goethe’s Proserpina with Music by Carl Eberwein’, University of Athens, Greece

28 June 2012

Keynote Lecture, ‘Transitions and Translations: Goethe’s Proserpina with Music by Carl Eberwein’, Comparative Literatures Association of Ireland International Conference, University College Cork

27 May 2012

Invited Lecture, ‘Auf der Spur einer verlorenen Welt: Über Goethes musikalische Dialoge mit Zelter’, Goethe-Gesellschaft Ludwigsburg, Germany

19 May 2012

Invited Lecture, ‘Durch Schweigen verschleiert: Über Goethes musikalische Dialoge mit Zelter, Goethe-Gesellschaft Kassel, Germany

20 April 2012

Opening Lecture, ‘Goethe and the Allure of Music’, International and Interdisciplinary Conference, Music in Goethe’s Faust: Goethe’s Faust in Music, NUI Maynooth

19 April 2012

Invited Lecture, ‘Goethe und die Verlockung der Musik’, Goethe-Gesellschaft Weimar, Germany

7–10 April 2012

Invited Lecture, In dem Fußstapfens des Meisters: Carl Friedrich Zelter, Protégé von Fasch, Internationale Wissenschaftliche Konferenz, ‘Fasch Vater und Sohn’, zu den 11. Internationalen Fasch-Festtagen 2011 in Anhalt-Zerbst, Germany

4 April 2012

Invited Lecture, ‘Why Musicology Matters’ in: Musicology in Ireland: A Symposium, UCD Humanities Institute