Lorraine Byrne Bodley is Professor of Musicology at Maynooth University. She studied Music and English literature at University College Dublin before gaining a second degree in German Literature for which she gained a First Class B.A (1996). She holds a double doctorate in Music and in German from University College Dublin (2000), and is the first woman in Ireland to be conferred with a DMUS in Musicology, a higher doctorate on published work (NUI, 2012). Her career, outlook and ideas have been critically shaped by both disciplines, for which she has received numerous awards: Irish Research Council (2018, 2016; 2001–3); Gerda Henkel Foundation (2014); DAAD (2014 and 2010) and the Goethe Prize of the English Goethe Society (2001). In 2010 she was Visiting Research Fellow at the Institut für Germanistik, University of Leipzig (2010). In 2014 she was Gerda Henkel Visiting Professor at Schubert Archive at University of Tübingen and an invited Board Member of the Internationale Schubert-Gesellschaft (Tübingen and Vienna). 

In 2015 she was elected to The Royal Irish Academy and the first woman to be elected President of the Society for Musicology in Ireland for which she served two terms (2015–2021). In 2016 she was granted a personal chair in musicology at Maynooth University and in 2020 she was invited to be Board Member of the Kommission für Schubert Forschung (Schubert Research Centre, Vienna) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. 

In the same year she was invited to be General Editor with Harry White of the international book series Irish Musical Studies (Four Courts Press 1990–2020 and Boydell and Brewer, 2020–).